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um-010411-emailHappy New Year!

A declaration is a proclamation dealing with a matter of great importance. These are my top 10 declarations for 2011.

What do you declare?

1. Do no harm. Not to yourself or others. Do your words and actions pass the highest good test? If not, don’t speak or take action. You’ll know that you pass the highest good test if what you’re about to say or do, moves you and others forward in their lives.

2. Speak only love. It’s easier to tell the truth with kindness, to not spread rumors or gossip, and to give feedback, when you come from a state of being loving and compassionate.

3. Use it or lose it. Whether it’s your brain or your body, giving presentations, or making sales’ calls, you make gains when you practice. Tap your skills, commitment, and resources to use what enhances your health, wealth, and happiness.

4. KISS. Keep it simple sweetheart. Simplicity is elegance. What can you give away that creates more space in your life? What thoughts can you release that would allow spacious and generous thinking?

5. Do what matters most first. You’ll stop thinking you should do it, and it will be done daily, and fulfill you now.

6. Bother with the details. If you don’t bother with them now, they will continue to bother you.

7. See things as they are. Differentiate between the meaning you assign to what happens and the fact of the matter. Consider that nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it.

8. Let go and let God. Remember what Einstein said, “God created time so everything doesn’t happen all at once.” Let go of time. Time is the attachment. Be here now to engage with life.

9. Plan and don’t plan. Planning is about things: getting things done, having things, doing things, and accomplishing things. Not planning is about space: being happy, enjoying life, and appreciating what you have. Be the space. Do the things.

10. Be fair, firm, and friendly. Be fair-minded with yourself and others by asking what is the fair thing to do. Be firm: hold yourself and others accountable. Be friendly: give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt.

My love goes with you as you engage with your Declarations for 2011.

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