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um-110910-emailYou know you have mental traffic when it robs you of your rest as you get into bed at night. Instead of the delicious sensation of wriggling deep into your covers, a strange alertness happens. Then you replay the events of the day, review unfinished (or put off) projects, go over self-criticism or rebukes from others, and make a mental list of what you need to do the next day.

So how do you create the space to get some rest? Trade mental traffic for mental training that prevents blame, anger, retaliation, imbalance, procrastination, and unhappiness. Following these 10 practices will help you make the exchange for peace of mind!

  1. Release all blame. This one act can get rid of the mental traffic that has followed you around for days or weeks or a lifetime. Once blame is started it can cause an avalanche of mental traffic with no beneficial outcome. If blame could do anything to resolve an issue, all issues would be resolved! Having the mental discipline to release blame, also releases thoughts of retaliation or the need for a gotcha moment.
  2. Discipline yourself to not speak or act out of anger. Give yourself a cooling off period so you can discover what’s precipitating your response. If the anger is directed at you, you can call a time out, and come back together at a pre-determined time to discuss the specific problem with the intention to resolve it. You may find that when you engage the cooling off period, the anger disappears, and all that’s left is the problem to solve.
  3. Contextualize your work so you’re doing what you love. You know the song, If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with? Apply that great line to your work situation, and work will transform from intensifying your metal traffic (concerns) to creating mental space (peace). If you’re thinking about leaving the one you’re with you can still apply this practice while you’re there. Everyone benefits … the job, the people you work with, and you!
  4. Stop complaining. Catch yourself in the act of complaining, and instead be grateful. Actively cultivate an attitude of gratitude. I was running down the road finishing the last mile of my half-marathon race, and was filled with gratitude for my health, family, opportunities, network of friends, and the freedom to enjoy life. What are you grateful for? There’s nothing for me like a long run to clear out the mental traffic caused by complaining.
  5. Bring compassion to your conversations. Keep an open heart that knows that there but for the grace of God go I … be quick to listen and slow to judge.
  6. Finish what you start today, or bring it to a point of completion where you can say, I am complete for today!
  7. Instead of thinking about what you need to do … just do it. Pick up the phone, or send the email. If you are reading your emails, and you haven’t filed, deleted, or acted upon them, they will still be sitting in your email box. Mental traffic increases with statements like I’ll do that later, trade that for the mental training that comes when you become a do it now person.
  8. Prioritize and do what’s important first. This is so simple. You do know what’s most important that if left undone will hound you into the night! Take everything off your mental list or workspace except what’s important, and focus on that.
  9. Don’t replace your health giving practices because demands on your time have increased. Notice what you do to relax. Is it maximizing your health? Or is it suppressing unhappiness? Don’t separate from your happiness, it’s what makes you a unique expression in this world.
  10. Take some risks. Most often people want protection from unhappiness, rather than risking being happy. You don’t have to go to extremes. Find the balance … not overly aggressive with risk, nor overly passive. Find what brings you happiness, and the space to be creative and feel good.

When your mental traffic slows down, you will touch your lightheartedness, and find an inner stillness in the midst of your busy day. Then when you lay your head down on your pillow, a good night’s sleep will follow.

Sweet dreams.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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