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um-032911-email“I ain’t in no slump, I just ain’t hitting.” Yogi Berra

That quote makes me laugh out loud! It speaks volumes about the facts of the matter without adding an interpretation or a loaded conclusion that creates having to deal with:

The meaning you give to what’s happening instead of just dealing with what’s happening!

What if nothing had any meaning until you gave it meaning? To quote another baseball favorite from a pre-instant replay umpire, “It ain’t nothing till I call it.”

We’re the umpires in our lives! So if you say you’re in a slump, you are, which is the meaning you give “not hitting”. Instead how do you influence your creative ability in the face of what’s happening, rather than adding meaning that doesn’t help you bat?

  1. Learn what’s possible. It’s as simple as asking that question. In the realm of possibilities, you can just explore without having to agree or negate. Let the boundaries of what’s possible expand your thinking.
  2. Laugh at your own stupidity. This is not to impugn your intelligence. It’s to embrace the times you decided to sleep in rather than do your homework. Influencing creativity is an awakened, aware, state of mind.
  3. Look into what happened. This will give you access to the source of events, not just the effects. It gives you access to cause, and what connects one action to another. Love makes it easier to stop, look, and listen. Love does away with resistance. In the absence of resistance comes clarity.
  4. Move so you can release any “stuckness” in your thinking, or limiting messages to yourself and others. Loosen up your thinking by walking around the block. It can be as simple as that. If you feel really stuck, something more vigorous can shake it loose.
  5. Share your thinking, not just with anyone, but someone who sees what you don’t. Someone you can count on to think creatively with you.
  6. Ask questions to which you have no answer.
  7. Let go of attachment to the question so the answer can find you.
  8. Step back from events. Close your eyes and open up your inner vision. Access this state by voicing one word, phrase or question, and just be with whatever appears on the screen of your mind. Nothing to do, nothing to figure out, let it be.
  9. Do what you say. You’re unlikely to consider what’s possible if you consistently don’t complete what you set out to do. The simple practice of doing what you say aligns your thoughts, words, and actions, leaving you room to consider what’s new.
  10. Eliminate what’s unnecessary in your routines. Notice what fills your space, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. Does it add to your creative ability, or does it block your connection to what’s possible? Eliminating what’s unnecessary gives you a blank page that allows something new to be written, drawn, or constructed … out of nothing and everything you’ve done up until now.

How do you access your creative ability on a regular basis? The first act of creation is to create space. All these practices create space to imagine what’s possible.

What are your favorite ways to create space? Let me hear from you.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment

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