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um-053111-emailI know. I know this doesn’t sound uplifting, but hang on and read on.

The root meaning of the word sin is to miss the mark. The word entitlement means the fact of having a right to something.

The sin of entitlement is the common notion or belief that someone is deserving of some particular reward or benefit without having earned it in a real or principled sense.

There are those individuals who take advantage of entitlement benefits that were put in place for those who need them by a principled legal authority and precedent, unfortunately leaving loopholes for the un-entitled to slip through.

Friends and foes alike tell me there will always be a group of people who take advantage of any system so they don’t have to earn their way. They have a sense of entitlement to any benefit whether they’ve earned it or not.


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um-052411-emailI was reading a training manual for volunteers and one of the first sentences was that the key to a good relationship with volunteers is communication.

But as if neon lights were flashing around the words, I read: the key to a good relationship is communication. You can’t argue with that.

Misunderstandings are so easy because you have the ability to assign meaning to what people say. And if you ask too often, what did you mean by that, people may feel that they are on the spot to explain. And so what we’re left with is the idea that communication is essential to a good relationship, but how does that happen when you don’t ask, and no one wants to explain what they mean.

Are we doomed to expectations (I shouldn’t have to ask), assumptions (you know what I mean), and false impressions (how could you think that).

Keep Your Enthusiasm

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um-101111-emailWinston Churchill told us that life is just one damn thing after another.

The good news is that he also gave us the antidote: success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Therein lies a secret for happiness.

When it feels like it’s just one damn thing after another, keep your enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm inspires you to stay in the game, and keep playing to win.

Enthusiasm fuels your ability to deal with what shows up whether it’s failure, success, feedback, appreciation or criticism.

Don’t curb your enthusiasm or you may lose the ability to think about what’s possible, do what it takes, and laugh over time.

Regardless, life will still come at you full speed; so here are 5 ways to keep your enthusiasm.


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um-051711-emailWithout a deadline nothing gets done!

Well, some things get done. I brush my teeth and I go for a run. That’s about it because I don’t want to lose my teeth and I was born to run!

Love and fear move us into action.

But without deadlines:

  • I wouldn’t train for half-marathons
  • I wouldn’t accomplish goals
  • I wouldn’t work with others to get things done

Without deadlines everything remains a good idea. Even when you break it down into doable chunks, without deadlines you’re left asking the question, where do we go from here?

Have you ever had a meeting to solve a problem and you all came up with possible solutions, and you’re thinking something will happen, but nothing happens except spending time in a meeting that doesn’t resolve the issue?


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um-051011-emailIf you were to tell me just one word that describes your personality, what would it be?

I must admit. I’m bossy! I’ve tempered my natural bossiness by listening more, encouraging others to decide, and deepening my understanding of how different personalities think and express themselves.


In some situations I realized, being the smart person I am, bossy didn’t work to:

  • Influence outcomes,
  • Energize relationships, or
  • Solve problems

So I had to develop the ability to dance more effectively in conversations with different personalities in order to solve problems instead of causing problems!

Here’s what I’ve learned that can help you with personalities that are difficult for you.


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um-050311What makes a winner?

I speak to people everyday and among the crowd; I can clearly see the few I’d bet on to win. It’s not a winning smile, but it is a winning attitude that demonstrates the following 7 strengths.

  1. Decision Strength—It takes a decision to pick a target, set a goal, and cut away any inessentials that will not help you get there. Inherent in the decision is the commitment to stay at it until you achieve the goal. Make the decision.
  2. Effort Strength—Continuous effort produces endurance. If you make no effort to train whether it’s for a marathon or a personal best on the job, your endurance will suffer. Effort starts with eliminating what would stop you from getting started or continuing. That includes any excuses or limitations. You make effort points by going for the impossible shot in order to score. If you don’t go for it, you’ll never know what would have happened. Take the shot.