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Use Everything

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um-112911-emailI saw the Martin Scorsese movie Hugo over the weekend, and there was a line that stayed with me. The young hero of the film said machines have no extra parts. So if the world was a machine, all parts of it, you and me included, have a use, a work to do.

So I thought, if every part has a use, you just have to find out what makes you useful.

I tucked the line away to ponder later, and thought what it would be like to see each one of us like that machine. How we might view our past, our relationships, our dreams, our mistakes, our successes … all part of making us useful, if we use everything.

No part to leave out, no part to add.

The Land Of I’m Right

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um-112211-emailIn the beginning every one got along.

All were focused on what they wanted to do. Even the children with their gift of truth, tantrums, and tears were given hugs, and not necessarily their way.

It was a time of give and take, equal measure, laughter, learning, and love.

Then it happened that somewhere along the way anger flared, feelings got hurt, misunderstandings escalated, and positions got entrenched.

And every one got set in their ways, which became the right way, and then the only way. And they built a wall of attachment, brick by brick cemented with righteousness, making change unlikely.

Acceptance of other ideas was viewed as weakness. Understanding as acquiescence. Consideration as blasphemy.

And so it continued that all held on to the way as if nothing else existed, so for them, nothing did.

Unlocking The Creator Mind

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um-111511-emailBegin with a thought.

Let that thought represent an idea that did not exist before you imagined it… an idea that exists only in the realm of pure possibility.

Now consider the fact that this thought has no weight, is not visible to others, cannot be measured (except as an electrochemical process) and yet is as real to you, its owner, as any object in the universe… if (and this is the crucial point) if you believe in its future.

A glass is half full if you know there is more water to drink when you get thirsty again. If you believe the glass of water you are drinking now is the last available to you, all theory is thrown out the window. The future for the half empty person depends on hope to keep going. For the half full person, hope is not the driving force; it is the joy of knowing that the future is not only possible, it is also achievable.

Sing In The Key Of Love

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um-110811-emailWhen I go for a run I turn on my iPod, and am carried away by the simple act of breathing in and out. Listening to the tunes propels my feelings of freedom just to be who I am.

Nothing to add.

Nothing to take away.

Nothing to pretend.

I am a vehicle to bring love into the world, daily, moment to moment. I have had two spectacular awakenings. Spectacular in that they were striking and memorable.

The first when I was 11 and realized that diverse ways of thinking could cause contempt rather than respect for differences. I dedicated my life to learning the art of communication, because I recognized, even at that young age, that healing begins with words.

8 Ways To Make This Your Lucky Day

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um-110111-emailWhat if you knew today was your lucky day?

What would you do?

Luck is defined as an influence that makes something happen for no particular reason.

A force that brings good fortune.

Some say you make your own luck.

Some say luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Some say it’s the luck of the draw.

What do you say when you luck out?

I say it’s those times you lift the veil from your eyes and see things as they are. Wait a minute! Isn’t that a definition of reality … realty as luck?

Think about these statements:

“I was lucky enough to see it coming.” It being the problem or concern, and seeing it far enough in advance to do something about it … just in time to avert disaster.

“My luck ran out.” You didn’t see it clearly, or maybe you weren’t even looking.