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Lift And Be Lifted

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um-032712-emailI was listening recently to a song my husband wrote over 30 years ago, and it goes like this:
Light and sound
Higher and higher
Lift up your hearts in song
Be the living love, take a little bit and pass it on
Higher, higher, and higher

Lift and be lifted come on raise your voices high
Sing in praise of your loving spirit
Always live as light
You can live this life together
You don’t even have to try
Just lift and be lifted tonight

It’s a reminder for me to look up to what’s possible when people put their hearts and minds together, and remember who they are for each other and the world.

It’s a reminder to be spiritually excellent!

Where am I not spiritually excellent? Wherever I’m judging, or defensive, or impatient, or just plain grouchy. Wherever it’s the other person’s fault.

A Grateful Heart

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um-032012-emailI noticed when I took a hike this morning, and deepened my breath, my mind emptied and then filled with gratitude.

There wasn’t any particular focus to my gratitude even though I have many reasons to be grateful, with love at the center.

Love of family

Love of health

Love of body, mind, and spirit

Love of working and being productive

Love of friends

Love of hiking

Love of running

Love of being outdoors

Love of saying yes to requests I can fulfill

Love …

When I do not love it’s very hard for me to be grateful. They seem to go together along with laughter, smiling, optimism, curiosity, and snuggling.

As the week started, I imagined I would bring a grateful heart into all my actions. So I asked myself:

Can I tell the truth with a grateful heart? Yes!

You’re Not Really Tired

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um-031312-emailI had some quiet time one morning as the sun was rising over Santa Barbara, and a line from my dreams the night before popped into my head loud and clear:

You’re not really tired!

I was startled by the recollection as I didn’t remember the dream, just the voice, but somehow knew it was important. As I sat with my cup of coffee, I thought about being tired and its different meanings.

Two came to mind.

  1. Delicious tiredness that comes from planned physical exertion or the end of a successful workday when you get into bed, and you’re peacefully asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Rest is restorative, and you wake up the next day feeling better than ever.
  2. Exhausted tiredness that comes from depleting resources whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional where rest doesn’t come easily even though you may know the antidote is to “get some rest.

The Unexamined Life

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um-030612-emailA guest post from Michael Davis

Socrates spoke one of history’s most enduring statements at his trial for heresy, when he was accused of encouraging his students to question the established beliefs of the day and think for themselves.

He said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I have thought a lot about that statement through the years. What does it mean to examine your life?

Why would Socrates choose death (he was given the alternative of a life in prison) if he were not free to look, with his students, at what is important and true?

It seems to me that an unexamined life is one that accepts, without question, what others believe to be true. In many ways this is the easier path. You find someone, or groups you admire or believe in, and let them tell you what is important and true.