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Argue For Greatness

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um-0928-emailI have to admit to a pet peeve.

It’s when people argue for limitation.

I have to take a deep breath instead of giving them a swift kick!

Here’s how to know if you’re arguing for limitation, which includes old stories of how you couldn’t, wouldn’t, and didn’t in the past, or how you’re a victim of present circumstances in the here and now.

This is my short list for arguing for greatness. I figure if you’re going to argue for anything, make it great!

  1. Be 100% accountable for what is or isn’t happening in your life right now. It’s also revealing to be 100% accountable for what’s occurred up until now. It will leave breadcrumbs to identify a different, fulfilling path. Argue for what you want, not what you don’t want.

Make Time

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um-012610-emailHave you ever thought about the phrase “make time”?

How can you make something that’s ever present, yet often seems out of reach?

We’ll commonly say we ran out of time as an excuse not to show up, as if it’s a commodity like money. In fact we say time is money! Which gives time some importance. We’re admonished not to waste time. And yet it can slip through our fingers as we surf the net, read emails, and do what matters least as if it mattered most.

I’ve noticed when I really want to do something I make the time! I create it. I push things aside, get up earlier, plan more concretely simply because I want to accomplish a goal, make time to run and breathe fresh air, or meet up with someone I love.