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Rewire Self Doubt

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um-072612-emailHow would you coach someone who was suffering from self-doubt?

Would you coach them to dwell in it? Or gloss over it? Or complain about it?

None of the above, instead I say, “Bring it on.”

It’s leaning into the inevitable.

It’s facing the storm.

It’s strengthening your very soul before doubt can take hold as a way of being.

You bring your attention to what is in front of you, so you can take deliberate action.

You don’t pretend that something or someone could be different or better. You are a conscious being. You see clearly now, and that is what allows you to say, “Bring it.” Bring it now, not later. Now.

You are responsible for your intent and actions. Make both conscious acts of faith in yourself. What you focus on will grow. If you focus on doubt identify the intention of your doubt. What does it serve? Is it telling you to steer clear of an obstacle? Is it telling you to pay attention?

Choose Happiness Today

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um-071012-emailConditional happiness anyone?

It means conditions have to be right for you to be happy!

It’s great when conditions are perfect. But then you’re only happy when things are going great. Job is good, relationships are working, and health is radiant. It’s a top of the world experience.

We’ve been there, and then something happens and conditions aren’t perfect. Then the tendency is for happiness to fly out the door. So I wonder if happiness is sustainable, can it be unconditional?

I’m doing an experiment on sustainable happiness, and notice that when happiness fades it’s not so much due to something pleasant fading.

It’s more due to:

  1. Facing something I’ve been putting off
  2. Staying on track with goals
  3. Dealing with daily obstacles

Climb The Hill

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um-070212-email2 people.

2 approaches.

Both people wanted to move out and away from where they found themselves trapped.

Both were comfortable in their physical environments, but not happy, fulfilled, or energized in their every day life.

Both people started with a complaint! The complaints were worded a little differently, but the bottom line was “this wasn’t supposed to be the way it turned out!”

But that’s where the similarity ended.

Person 1 kept complaining, “Nothing I can do, I’m a victim of circumstances. I have to wait for something to change.”

Person 2 turned the complaint into a promise to get moving to a new city, a new avocation, and a new life … all accomplished in 6 months.

The contrast reminded me of that old saying by George Bernard Shaw:

The reasonable person adapts to conditions.
The unreasonable person adapts conditions to their self.
All progress depends on the unreasonable person.