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um-112012-emailRunning down the road in Santa Barbara I was filled with gratitude for a life worth living.

The blessings of every day life floated blissfully through my mind, keeping tempo with each stride I took.

The air I breathe
The love I feel
The health to run
The bounty of work
The power of friendship
The peace of relationship
The endless opportunities
The beauty of true love
The acceptance of family for hanging-in forever through thick and thin

Last week I was reminded of Albert Einstein’s reflection on miracles. He said you could see life as if nothing is a miracle or life as if everything is a miracle.

To see life as a miracle is to see it with wonder. And then naturally you see an expanded view that includes more than you know of current conditions or people. You blink away the veil of attachment to a particular point of view that may be keeping you cranky or separate in your thoughts, words, or actions.