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Secret Recipes

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um-112613-emailTis the season to be thankful and, very soon, jolly.

This is also the time of year when secret recipes are handed down from generation to generation. In my family it was the secret recipe for stuffing! But the secret recipe I’m handing down to my children is a delicious recipe for dealing with complaints.

The first step in the recipe is to put the complaint on a cutting board like an onion, and peel back the layers until a hidden request is unveiled. This could make you cry! But if you run it under the cold water of introspection, tears often turn into surprise.

If you look, you’ll find that the core of a frequent complaint is a persistent desire that’s not being fulfilled. You unveil the longing inside, and see it for what it is … a call to action.

Perpetual Incompletion

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um-110813-email“I can’t possibly get everything done!”

I hear this in some form or another too often not to notice the impact of perpetual incompletion on creativity, healthful activities, or just the space to consider something new.

Over the years I’ve written about goals, timelines, and completion. I’ve written about the buzz and fulfillment in accomplishment. Major goals, micro goals, unexpected goals all throw you into the pursuit of accomplishment, and also can throw you into a state of perpetual incompletion.

Who am I without a goal is a question I haven’t answered yet.

I’m a classic example of perpetual incompletion. Plans to make, problems to solve, weight to lose, bills to pay, reports to issue, friends to see, family to visit, guidance to give, vacations to take, and time to notice what’s missing, and act on it, before it becomes a breakdown at work or at home.