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How To Digest The Past

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Uplifting MomentsI can hazard a guess that we’ve all had moments that we wished we could erase from our lives, and also moments where we were giddy with happiness.

On balance, we deal with what shows up and file it away as useful, wonderful, or awful.

The past is useful for learning lessons, seeing patterns, and identifying trends. But don’t live there … either in your successes or your failures.  In one, you feel the memory of fulfillment, and in the other you feel the regret.

What happens if you try to hold on to the past? You get indigestion! You get an ache in your soul. How do you use the past instead of allowing it to use you? Digest it!

It’s a meal. Some meals are easier to digest. Some are harder to digest. Either way absorb the best of it and eliminate the rest of it so your body can function in the here and now.