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Including Is The New Letting Go

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38920617_mI hear voices. Don’t worry. They’re not anyone else’s voice. They’re all mine!

These voices are part of the way I think and act.  Here are just a few.

An action voice: Decide. Make a choice. Fulfillment is in the action you take right now. Just do it!

A reflective voice: What do you see now? What can you learn? Pause before you make a choice and consider fulfillment for yourself and others.

An analytical voice: What happened? What are the facts? What’s possible?

A compassionate voice: Tell the truth with love. Appreciate what you have. Speak kind words. Let it go.

Then in the midst of a relaxing massage, when the therapist was gently working through some tight knots in my shoulders, a painful memory popped up in perfect rhythm with the manipulation and stretching movement of the therapist’s hands. My compassionate voice noticed and said, “Just let it go.” I breathed that message in and with a quiet exhalation relaxed more deeply.