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um-112310-emailI seem to have an uncanny ability to have people tell me what they want. I’ve noticed a big difference between those whose words declare what will happen, and others whose words declare doubt that what they want could move beyond a good idea.

What causes one to be different from another? It’s not power over conditions that give you the ability to make a difference. It’s an unqualified commitment to do what it takes each day, and not give up on yourself or your ideas. That’s my definition of personal power.

The difference between a good idea and getting it done is doing what’s hard to do. The hard part is not coming up with a good idea! The hard part is doing what it takes to make it happen. I’ve had numerous people tell me about the things they don’t like to do that prevent them from going forward on a new idea. Can you guess what those things are?

Here are the top three I hear:

Generating agreement … selling … is the first. Raising money is the second. Recruiting the right team is the third.

I could add to the list. I was taking a long walk with my husband one morning, and we walked passed a restaurant and overheard the chef talking to a server. The snippet of the conversation went like this:

“It’s not my job to watch over their shoulders and tell them what to do.” My first thought was I would never go to that restaurant! How many times do we think it’s not our job to do something because it would require that we do what’s hard or what we don’t like to do? If you’re starting a business or a non-profit, you get to do everything. Sell the idea, raise money, and deal with the obstacles that inevitably arise including giving feedback to people on your team.

Any statement that starts with it’s not my job or it’s too hard is the antithesis of personal power!

I attended the grand opening of Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque. I had the fortunate opportunity to see the property 18 months ago when it was still an historic building (an old and vacant hospital) and listened to David Oberstein, the managing partner, tell me his vision. When the mayor of Albuquerque cut the ribbon last weekend, it was an example of an idea transformed into the intimate hotel it is today. If you sat down with David, he could regale you with the stories of the ups and downs of getting this property built. He did the hard part including selling the idea, raising the money, working with the banks, generating agreement with the community, hiring the right people, and pushing through the slow downs that can come with any construction project. Now the hotel is drawing people from all over the world.

For the founder of Fabulous Women, Krista Gawronski, it was listening to Oprah Winfrey ask the question, what is your gift and how are you going to use it to make a difference. I talked to Krista who was invited to be on a special show with Oprah last week. Oprah acknowledged a group of people who manifested their visions and helped others. Krista didn’t get rewarded for a good idea; she was rewarded both in tangible and intangible ways for what she did.

Both Krista and David unleashed their personal power to get what they wanted to do, done! And it’s what I notice about anyone who sees an idea through from its invisible beginning to its visible display.

Power means the ability to act! When you remember that no one is stopping you, then the conditions, no matter how hard, are just part of what it takes to get it done.

So here’s your personal power practice:

1. Decide what you want instead of what you don’t want. Make sure it is a risk worth taking. Then decide in advance that you are going to do whatever it takes. Even the things that you might moan and groan about as being hard or say that you don’t like to do. Whatever you don’t know how to do, with patience and perseverance you’ll learn to do.

2. Be scared instead of immobilized. Being a little scared just means you’re in the presence of something new. Confidence comes from doing, not from thinking about doing. Yes, you can go ahead and visualize your success. If you can see yourself as successful, you will take the necessary steps. But no matter how much you visualize you still have to take the steps. Put yourself in the way of achieving what you want by taking steps each day to make it happen, and put away any statements that say you’re not ready yet. You get ready by taking a step each day. The journey of a thousand miles still starts with the first step.

3. Love what you do instead of complaining about what’s needed to make it happen. You won’t sustain for long what isn’t satisfying. The most satisfying times for me are when I did something that was hard, scary, and new. Have you ever noticed that what may have been hard in the beginning, just becomes part of who you are over time? It’s no longer hard. It’s just what you do.

Those folks who accomplish what they set out to do have personal power. It’s as simple as that. So if you tell me what you want, I’ll ask you why don’t you do it? And hopefully, you’ll smile and say, I am.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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