8 Ways To Stop Waiting For Happiness

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um-123112-emailIt’s startling how many people wait for happiness as if it’s going to come in the door once everything is perfect!

Thinking happiness will happen when all conditions are met is an outside in approach. Think about it. Outside in means you have to wait to be happy. Outside in means happiness is capricious and random where you are at the whim of circumstances in your life.

Now I know it’s easier to be happy when all is working according to your expectations of how life should be. But hold on … you may already notice that your expectations sometimes just don’t match reality.

Expectations include waiting for someone else to make you happy whether it’s a co-worker, customer, family member, friend or spouse.

Well you could just keep waiting for them to get it! But consider that you are responsible for your own happiness. If you’re waiting for someone else to make you happy and they continually disappoint you … Stop Waiting.

If you’re waiting for life to be perfect and it’s not happening … Stop Waiting.

Instead practice these 8 ways to stop waiting for happiness and create happiness by allowing life to be perfect just the way it is and just the way it isn’t. You’ll find the practices refreshing, and they’ll help release your genius for creating happiness.

  1. Be responsible for your own happiness. Do for yourself what you want others to do for you. Be happy doing it.
  2. Remember you can’t make any one else happy. Sometimes you’re blessed by having the conditions of your life fit someone else expectations. Those times are wonderful just don’t get attached! Be happy just to be together.
  3. Be happy listening to other’s requests of you. No is a legitimate and happy response to a request. No often opens up a conversation about what’s possible. Be happy to be asked.
  4. Listen to “no” to your request as just that, it’s someone exercising his or her freedom to choose. Be happy for someone having the courage to say no.
  5. Count your blessings. Be happy for all you’re given.
  6. Happiness is contagious. Be happy for other’s happiness.
  7. Accept what is. Be happy with what you have.
  8. Request what you want. Be happy you know!

Happiness is a choice. Make it a daily choice and spread happiness around today!

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

Happy New Year!


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