A Grateful Heart

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um-032012-emailI noticed when I took a hike this morning, and deepened my breath, my mind emptied and then filled with gratitude.

There wasn’t any particular focus to my gratitude even though I have many reasons to be grateful, with love at the center.

Love of family

Love of health

Love of body, mind, and spirit

Love of working and being productive

Love of friends

Love of hiking

Love of running

Love of being outdoors

Love of saying yes to requests I can fulfill

Love …

When I do not love it’s very hard for me to be grateful. They seem to go together along with laughter, smiling, optimism, curiosity, and snuggling.

As the week started, I imagined I would bring a grateful heart into all my actions. So I asked myself:

Can I tell the truth with a grateful heart? Yes!

Can I listen with a grateful heart? Yes!

Can I ask questions with a grateful heart? Yes!

Can I go to work with a grateful heart? Yes!

Can I make decisions with a grateful heart? Yes!

The world can use a little more love and gratitude, laughter and optimism, curiosity and snuggling!

Enter each day with a grateful heart.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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