A Change In Scenery

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Uplifting Moments“He decided a change of scenery would do some good.”

I see this sentence hanging on the wall of my living room as part of a stunning and colorful depiction of a shaman looking out over a scene. It doesn’t matter where I’m sitting in the living room; the shaman is always looking at me!

My husband and I had recently arrived back from Croatia. We were sitting having our morning coffee in the living room and noticed the saying at the bottom of the picture as if it were the first time.

We just had a change of scenery. Croatia was different: ancient, Roman ruins, castles, Adriatic Sea resorts, and Soviet remnants. And it was the same: friendly, good food, graffiti, families, traffic, stories, and queuing up for tickets.

When most people are looking for a change of scenery it’s not a simple vacation. It’s specific and has to do with outer conditions. People often want a change of scenery because they’re unhappy with the “scene” they’re in. They want to change a job or relationship, resolve an annoying problem or pursue their dreams. And they think the scene they’re currently in gets in the way.

I started thinking about how you would have a true change of scenery. What if you took all the scripts, costumes, and roles from the last scene to the new scene? Would that change the scenery? I don’t think so. An external change of scenery does not necessarily create an internal change of scenery.

The internal change of scenery may be as simple as looking at the same scene with new eyes. How do you make an internal change of scenery? Plan a trip!

What would you like to experience?
What would you like to see that you haven’t seen before?
What would inspire you?
What would still your mind and open your heart?

Making an internal change can be as simple as seeing the essential in everything. In every person, place or thing. It may be as simple as seeing beyond appearances, image, or outcomes. It may be what puts you into the heart of the matter. Your mind can give you data, history, assessments, and questions. Your heart connects you to the moment where the boundary of the known and unknown can be crossed so something truly unexpected and new can be seen.

Make a decision today. Where would you like a change of scenery? Prepare for the internal trip with delight and curiosity, and you may see a world you’ve never seen before.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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