Creating Space

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um-092011-emailMake this week a noticing practice to create spacious thinking and living.



This is how it works:

  1. Focus on your breath. Take each breath consciously. Just a simple inhalation that creates room in your mind, and isn’t already filled up with what you need to do.
  2. Create space with every exhalation. Consciously focus on the exhalation of your breath and let go of any concern about what needs to be done.
  3. When thoughts go through your mind, just notice and say thank you, or identify the thought as pleasant, or painful, or memory. Identifying the thought that’s going through your mind allows you to notice that you are thinking the thought. You have the thought; it doesn’t have you.
  4. When good ideas go through your mind, don’t worry about writing them down. The really good ideas, you’ll breathe life into. These are the ideas that you’re excited about and will do so you don’t need to “remember” them.
  5. Breathe deeply through the stories of how you should be so when you exhale, you release them as soon as they come through. This includes all the productivity “shoulds” like getting organized. You only need to get organized if you’re over scheduled. Consider under scheduling instead.
  6. If you’re tracking, measuring, and analyzing, on the inhalation ask to what purpose, and on the exhalation notice the response. What does the tracking, measuring, and analyzing serve? Does it breathe life into what you’re doing? If not let it go.
  7. As you consciously breathe in, if you notice an ever present “to do” list comes to mind, exhale any anxiety or rush to get it all done. Consider setting fewer goals.
  8. Enjoy each breath you consciously take in, and you’ll smile on the exhalation.

This noticing practice will create spacious thinking. It’s a way of living each day from fulfillment.

It will give you the room to consider choosing from enjoyment now instead of from what you have to do in order to make room to enjoy your life someday.

It will change the nature of how you engage with life. Forced choices disappear and what appears is the opportunity to be present with every thought, word, and action.

You not only have the presence of mind to engage successfully with what occurs, you are present to listen, love, and laugh. You’re not waiting until tomorrow to breathe deeply when you have time to create some space.

Today has many demands. Breathe through each one, and you’ll slow down to be present with each one.

This is creating space. It’s up to you what you fill the space with.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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