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  1. um-030811-emailDesire
  2. Pressure
  3. Fatigue
  4. Cynicism
  5. Fantasy
  6. Time
  7. Anxiety
  8. Impatience
  9. Comparison
  10. Carelessness

The 10 distractions are habits of your mind, a way of thinking that moves your focus from the facts of the matter and the choices that are possible.

When you begin to see these mental habits for what they are, you expand what’s available to you in each moment, and can thoughtfully replace the distraction. Consider the following:

1. Restraint instead of desire gives you a moment of pause to look into what is fulfilling for a lifetime, rather than a momentary diversion that devolves into the next desire. Yearning for what isn’t is a recipe for suffering, and keeps you from appreciating what you have.

2. Promise instead of pressure gives you the gift of a considered response to what is being asked of you or what you ask of yourself. When you’re pressured, you’re saying, “I have to” instead of “I promise”. “I promise” is a sacred giving of your word to yourself or another.

3. Rest instead of fatigue gives you the energy of wakefulness. When you’re fatigued, it’s easier to be forgetful of your skills. When you rest, you’re letting go of control, and in exchange, you gain vitality.

4. Curiosity instead of cynicism gives you a context of interest. What you can’t ask or be asked shrouds a person or situation in suspicion and doubt. Curiosity allows for questions and answers that illuminate a path, and sheds light even in dark corners.

5. Practice instead of fantasy delivers your vision of a life worth living. Vision without action is wishful thinking missing sustainable fulfillment. A dedicated practice brings confidence and ease in action, as well as intended results.

6. Presence instead of time gives you a resource you will never run out of. When time is pressing on you, ask what will happen if you wait till morning. Be present to ask the question, and listen to the answer.

7. Focus instead of anxiety gives you the appetite for completion. Completion gives you the space to create something new. When anxiety comes into your mind as a vague threat to your productivity, take a breath and ask yourself where you need to focus right now.

8. Staying power instead of impatience gives you natural growth like a plant well cared for, watered, and fertilized. Impatience doesn’t grow the plant any faster. It won’t grow you any faster, and may cause you to give up before success is achieved.

9. Enterprise instead of comparison gives you the imagination and initiative to take the reins of your life force, and direct it to the path you want to travel. Comparison leaves you with either better than or worse than scenarios, both distracting from fulfilling your own spiritual quest.

10. Preparation instead of carelessness gives you confidence to meet the challenges of presenting yourself in the world. Preparation is appreciated. It shows dedication to the health and welfare of yourself and others. Replace the statement, “I’m not prepared.” with the insights that come from the question, “What preparation is required for excellence?”

What distractions are you dealing with and how have you defeated them?

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.


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