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um-113010-emailAs you settle into December, it may be a good time to take some energy medicine so you’re present and connected with your family, friends, and the spirit of the holidays, as well as with your own health and vitality.

Here’s my prescription!

1) Notice how you’re using your energy, and invest it into what matters most. People notice your energy. That’s why they’ll ask you, what’s wrong. And why they’ll also say, wow you’re full of energy today. It’s noticeable and contagious. Thoughts have energy. Where could you invest that energy that makes a difference?

2) Take a break from normal. Fast one day from worrying about your future. Worrying uses your energy. Instead stop worrying, and take a little action in the direction of your interests. For example, sign up for a class that you’ve wanted to learn about, even if it’s out of character for you. Meditation, toning, yoga, finance, cooking, nutrition, a foreign language. Why? Because it may be just the thing to shake your energy loose.

3) Let go of any past grievances, and be here now. Especially with your family. Letting go frees up your energy to be present in this moment. It takes energy to focus on the past. Be present, and connect with people as they are today. You may be surprised.

4) Love everyone. Even those people that aggravate you! More and more if I just listen with compassion, instead of judging and criticizing in my mind or conversation, spirit is present and miracles happen.

5) Eat slowly. Savor each bite. Revel in the flavors of a tomato, the crunch of a carrot, or the aroma of cinnamon. Take time to enjoy your meals. Take a moment to be thankful as you take your first bite. Does your food give you energy or deplete your energy? Be mindful of each bite you take into your body, and you’ll feel fulfilled instead of full.

6) Laugh out loud. I love the LOL that people email or text. I love the message and reminder. Laughing is healing, and it’s worth spreading around. It lifts your spirit while allowing free flowing energy to boost your thoughts and words.

7) Hug. Hug your kids, husband, wife, partner, family, and friends. Surprise someone with a warm hug. The energy of authentic touch can transform a relationship.

8) Exercise, move, dance, breathe, walk, and dance. OK dance is in there twice. Listening to music and dancing is great energy medicine. It removes the cranky in you, and replaces it with fun. Put on some music and dance. You’re beautiful.

9) Think of one thing that drags you down, and give it up. Replace it with an affirmation that declares the state of health, wealth, and happiness you want. Anything that drags you down, delete and replace. Use your imagination to access your creativity to come up with what would serve you and others.

This energy medicine is easy to use. Take it every day and you’ll have the energy to enjoy the holidays and beyond!

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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