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When you don’t complete or finish what you say you will do, you bring yesterday into today.

How do you know you’re incomplete? You talk to yourself (and others) about what’s unfinished, whether it’s a conversation, project, business, relationship, or goal; usually with some level of disappointment or concern.

Take a moment and think about what you’ve carried over from yesterday into today, that’s still unfinished, and if you don’t complete it, you’ll carry it with you into tomorrow. What would allow you to say, at the end of this very day, “I am complete for today?”

This is a powerful practice that allows you to pause, and think about what you say yes to BEFORE you actually make a promise. This pause allows you to determine whether you can deliver on your commitment. In the meantime, you can ground this practice into your daily living. Start by completing what’s incomplete. Write down anything that is incomplete, schedule it, and do it.

Completion areas to consider are:
1. Tasks you’ve committed to
2. Conversations that need to happen
3. Clutter that bothers you
4. Dreams that persist

Don’t spend valuable time analyzing why it’s incomplete. Analysis in the form of self-recrimination, why or how it happened, or blaming others or conditions, keeps you in a cycle of incompletion. The actual act of finishing will inform your analysis. Then you’ll know how to avoid the incompletion rather than speculating on how you might avoid it in the future.

Instead of focusing on why you didn’t do it, consider the following 3 steps:
1. Decide what needs to be done.
2. Plan it.
3. Do it.

I guarantee you the energy you’ll release through the act of completion will delight and revitalize you!

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