Healthy Regrets

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New ideaI love to hear two words that usually don’t go together, like healthy and regrets. My friend Kathy was musing on an unfortunate situation when she used those words to describe her feelings.

The juxtaposition of healthy and regrets stopped my mind, and allowed an instantaneous dive into how healthy regrets might work.

How can there be something healthy about regrets, which are usually embodied as feelings of loss, disappointment or sorrow over something that happened?

The idea caused me to bring to mind some lingering regrets of my own … the kind that show up on long drives that a remembered song or unresolved disappointments bring to mind.

I noticed that I didn’t have regrets when I faced challenges and broke through to a new level of awareness. The regrets disappeared with the evolution of my thinking or a new freedom for action. They took their place in the historical record of my life, enriching the journey.

Regrets that hang around are like driving into a dead end, and having to turn around and find my way back to an exit that allows me to move forward again. No breakthrough is apparent. No talking myself out of it with motivational words or exercises … just a thud in my heart.

The consideration that regrets could be healthy unlocked the door to a vault I didn’t know I had where my regrets were stored, and like ancient papers, just the contact with fresh air started the process of turning the paper they were written on to dust.

With healthy regrets, life comes into a greater context of perfection. How could life have happened any other way then how it did in each moment? Pretending that it could have been different leads us to more regrets. Learning what needs to be learned is a gift that leads us to the evolution of thought for a life that continues to unfold its miracles.

Regrets … you’ll probably have a few. So how do you keep them healthy? Do your best and make peace with the rest.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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