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um-012610-emailHow can it be, so early in the year that I’m already writing about how you can create more space in your life?

The feedback I’m hearing from both friends and business associates, is that some goals are already sliding into a whirling mass of agitation that sounds like, “What was I thinking … the pull of deadlines, assignments, and unexpected opportunities is threatening to bury me!”

So it seems timely to tackle creating space before overwhelm replaces excitement.

You may think you have no more time, but I’m here to remind you that you do! I’m going to say something now that you’ll have to wrap your mind around, especially if you’re feeling a bit swamped. So take a moment, and before you read the following, breathe in and slowly exhale.

OK … ready?

1. There are no problems, just situations to deal with, and
2. Time is your pal.

These two ideas will immediately create space in your thinking that allows you to deal with what’s in front of you now. First, let’s look at using time to schedule everything you need to get done.

Empty the contents of your concerns on a piece of paper with a timeframe next to it. All of a sudden what may seem overwhelming is part of a schedule that you created to get things done. I bet once you do this, you will find that you actually have extra time to spend on those goals that are easy to slip into the background, like exercise, and planning meals for your health and vitality.

You might be saying that you’re not wired up for scheduling and project management. Either am I! But it’s a skill easily learned. You just need a pencil and paper, or if you prefer an excel spreadsheet, or a calendar function on your iphone or computer. It’s actually fun to create, and fulfilling to check things off your list as you accomplish them.

When you’re doing what you said you would do, you don’t take the “psychological time” to worry. And, lo and behold, you have created mental space.

Now, let’s get back to there are no problems, just situations to deal with, leave alone, or accept. At first I thought that a problem by any other name is still a problem. But I decided to look at the difference in saying situation versus problem.

A situation is a set of circumstances you find yourself in now. A problem is unwelcome, harmful, and something to overcome. I’d rather deal with the situation and use it as a starting point to investigate what, if anything, needs to be done. If something needs to be done, I schedule it. No ruffled feathers, overwhelm, excuse, or self-limiting story.

Put these two ideas to work this week, and notice what happens. Say the following out loud!

1. There are no problems, just situations to deal with, and
2. Time is MY pal.

Omit the word “problem” from your vocabulary, and make time through
planning each day. As you create more space in your life, you’ll notice
that you listen with interest, see the beauty in others, and experience
situations just as they are.

My love goes with you as you work with this uplifting moment.

Let me know how this works for you!

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