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um-011111-emailRemove The Over Conditions In Your Life And Find Balance!

I had a conversation recently with my husband, when in the midst of a philosophical musing about living a balanced life, he said, “It isn’t time management we need; it is awareness management.” The idea had a quieting effect on my mind as I considered how I’m managing my awareness versus how I’m managing my time!

Wherever you are out of balance, you can safely bet that you’re not managing your awareness! Can you ever be in balance? Yes. You replace what I’m calling the conditions in your life with awareness. Awareness itself is the teacher.

What over conditions are operating in your life right now?

Here are 9 of the conditions I’ve identified:

  1. Over indulging
  2. Over eating
  3. Over spending
  4. Over working
  5. Over reacting
  6. Over doing
  7. Over looking
  8. Over riding
  9. Over whelming

If you’re feeling grouchy and worn out, these are prime indicators of the over conditions. Instead of getting more extreme in your plan, or trying harder or going faster, back off so you can see a bigger picture. Get the 1000-foot view, and then start slower with awareness. In this way you’ll find a steady approach that allows sustainability in bringing about what you want.

The way to balance isn’t through letting the goal go, but in letting go of your suffering about it. That leaves you free to play the game moment to moment without the mind numbing swings when you play the game of life from over to under performing, from caring too much to not caring at all.

The antidote for the over behavior is flexibility and strength. You have the flexibility to include what life brings you in the moment, and the strength to bring awareness to the choices you make, before you make them. Flexibility and strength will build balance whether it’s in your body, communication, or decisions.

Your practice this week is to bring awareness to where you’re operating from any over behavior in your thoughts, words, and actions. Just notice and look into what keeps it in place. Have fun with this awareness practice. Let me know what happens, and any other over conditions you can identify.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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