Let Love Be Your Valentine

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um-021412-emailI remember my early years at grammar school on Valentine’s Day we would get big bags of valentine’s cards, and give one to everyone in our class. No one was left out of the gift of a valentine message

No matter how flimsy the little cards were constructed or how cheesy the messages were, the memory still brings a smile and a delicious sense of how a simple exchange could last across the years.

What if today we made that our practice?

It’s as simple as giving everyone in your schoolroom of life a valentine today. You can still buy the big bags of valentine cards or you can just give:

A valentine of your smile

A valentine of your understanding

A valentine of appreciation

A valentine of kind words

A valentine of peace

A valentine of respect

A valentine of attention

A valentine of playfulness

Let love be your guide today, and don’t leave anyone out of the gift of your valentine.

Have fun today.

My love goes with you as you play with this Uplifting Moment.

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