Lift And Be Lifted

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um-032712-emailI was listening recently to a song my husband wrote over 30 years ago, and it goes like this:
Light and sound
Higher and higher
Lift up your hearts in song
Be the living love, take a little bit and pass it on
Higher, higher, and higher

Lift and be lifted come on raise your voices high
Sing in praise of your loving spirit
Always live as light
You can live this life together
You don’t even have to try
Just lift and be lifted tonight

It’s a reminder for me to look up to what’s possible when people put their hearts and minds together, and remember who they are for each other and the world.

It’s a reminder to be spiritually excellent!

Where am I not spiritually excellent? Wherever I’m judging, or defensive, or impatient, or just plain grouchy. Wherever it’s the other person’s fault.

I have to suspend judgment so there’s room for me to lift up my thinking, and take the high road.

Have you ever had to wiggle your fingers under a heavy weight in order to get some leverage to lift? Judgments are like weights. The heavier the judgment the harder it is to get leverage to lift, and bring in the light that allows something new to be seen about yourself, people you live and work with, and goals you want to achieve.

So this week I’ve decided to lift and be lifted in my thoughts, words, and actions and see if there’s a little more love, kindness, and civility in the world as a result. I’ll still be busy solving problems, achieving goals, and generally doing what I do. But I don’t have to wait to be spiritually excellent. It can be present with every word I speak and every action I take.

Be the living love, take a little bit and pass it on.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment

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