No Resolutions, No Regrets

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um-010114-emailI walked by a window at the mall that stopped me in my tracks. Written boldly across the window, blocking mannequins and merchandise, was a graphic statement:

No resolutions, No regrets

I laughed out loud and kept walking, musing about the truth of that statement.

New Year’s resolutions don’t work because they’re a reaction to what we don’t want instead of a new habit we’re developing. These are just a few of the ones I’ve heard in the last few days: “I really should lose weight, change jobs, make more money, get a new place to live, stop waiting, tell the truth, exercise, stop smoking, go to school, retire, meditate, take more vacations!”

The operative word is “should.”

Resolutions based on “should” are not enough to make a change. Why, because we keep waiting for the perfect moment to begin, which is usually tomorrow and not today. So resolutions fade, remain incomplete in our thoughts, words, and actions; and then we feel mildly annoyed that another year has passed, and we didn’t do it.

What if we didn’t make any resolutions this year? No regrets, no annoyance at what we didn’t do.

What if we used the beginning of the New Year to reflect, notice, and look into satisfaction and fulfillment?What if we could be satisfied where we are, and with what we have today?

How would that impact the changes we desire? Would there simply be a natural evolution in the direction of what we want?

Making resolutions are often a first of the year ritual. My husband and I have created a new ritual. We have a hollow silver ball that opens up and holds wishes. Each year we light candles, contemplate our wishes, and write them down on fortune cookie size strips of paper. Then we put them in the silver ball, and forget about them.

Twelve months later on New Year’s Eve we open the ball and read them out loud. This year we both had some wow moments for wishes written down and achieved. We lit those fortunes in a candle flame with gratitude as we watched their ashes expire. Anything we still wished for went back in the ball to steep for another year.

No resolutions, no regrets, just wishes for a happy new year.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment

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