One Simple Way to Move From Disturbance To Acceptance

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14415747_mI live in a modern 5-story Santa Monica building with my husband. All the conveniences of a security building with in-apartment washers and dryers, a refrigerator with filtered water spouts and ice, both crushed and cubed. Key fobs and codes to get into the entrance or the underground parking. I walk out the front door and am running down the road watching the sun come up over Santa Monica Boulevard.

I loved it until the new tenants moved in one floor above us.

The people above us are heavy walkers. Did I say heavy, I mean stompers!

At first it was just plain annoying and then became disturbing. In accordance with my views on complaining, I immediately turned my complaint into a request of our landlord. A wonderful and sympathetic lady who nodded her head and said she understood our dilemma and would ask the folks upstairs to be cognizant of their footfalls. Not much hope of a change when she also said it’s a common complaint and she hears the people above her as well.

Short of carpeting the place upstairs, which the landlord declined to do, or moving out, which I didn’t want to do, what could possibly happen other than continuing to be disturbed? I didn’t have an answer.

Then one morning when my husband was traveling and I was alone in our apartment drinking my morning coffee, I heard the stompers and instead of being aggravated I spontaneously said, “Good Morning!” Then I laughed out load and continued drinking my coffee.

That simple act of inclusion dissolved my aggravation. I chose to live in a community of people. It’s noisy. I can be in a state of frustration, annoyance, happiness or cooperation. All those states are inside of my control.

I choose to be happy.

I received the beauty first hand of the words:
Change what you can
Accept what you can’t change
Have the grace to know the difference

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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