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um-062811-emailThis Week’s Uplifting Moment Is Relax Your Mind

What do people tell you when they’re taking your picture? Just act natural!

Last week I was teaching our Communication Styles Analysis to a group of Rowdy Ridge camp counselors in Lake Arrowhead. They were getting ready to launch a series of camps for families.

They were eager and ready to learn how to improve their communication.

It was when we were doing a final process on letting go of attachment that my big lesson of the day appeared.

We were being filmed throughout the day, and the cameras became part of the experience. Then I was asked to step away from the group for a moment so I could answer a question on camera. No problem, I thought, the counselors were busy talking in the background so I could shift my focus.

So here I was rushing to speak into the camera, and I couldn’t think of a thing to say, and was stumbling on my words! At the end of 4 minutes (felt like 40), I told the producer not to use the footage. He just smiled.

Not even 10 minutes earlier, I had just finished explaining that attachment is what you add to communication, which actually makes it harder to listen, tell the truth, and connect with another person. Attachment simply means that you worry about the outcome, and it takes you out of the moment where full participation and creativity live.

As soon as I was back teaching the group, I was in the flow, breathing, listening, and present. My mind was relaxed, expanding to include all that was happening.

It wasn’t until later that I realized I had stepped out of the moment and got attached to:


I had to laugh. To be perfect is an illusion of the mind.

Teaching that day was a great gift. It allowed me to take a deeper look into the subtle stress I add to the present moment when I’m rushing into conversations or action.

So if you find you’re getting tight when you’re in the spotlight, instead of seeking the right thing to say, allow yourself the space to be curious, creative, and as interested in the answer as the person asking the question.

This can more easily flow from a relaxed mind than a rushed mind.

My favorite way to relax my mind is to take deep inhalations and exhalations. It’s as if everything slows down allowing room for the possible.

Slow down, smile, and enjoy the moment.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

Check out the great work of the Scott Newman Center. They sponsor the Rowdy Ridge Camps in the Los Angeles area. Their work is substance abuse prevention through education.

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