Sing In The Key Of Love

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um-110811-emailWhen I go for a run I turn on my iPod, and am carried away by the simple act of breathing in and out. Listening to the tunes propels my feelings of freedom just to be who I am.

Nothing to add.

Nothing to take away.

Nothing to pretend.

I am a vehicle to bring love into the world, daily, moment to moment. I have had two spectacular awakenings. Spectacular in that they were striking and memorable.

The first when I was 11 and realized that diverse ways of thinking could cause contempt rather than respect for differences. I dedicated my life to learning the art of communication, because I recognized, even at that young age, that healing begins with words.

The second was when I was 29, and awakened a practice of speaking kind words. It took me several more years to understand that truth coupled with love was the foundation of that work. Truth and love together were an act of communion that occurs when respect and trust are shared. It is the essence of communication, friendship, and understanding.

The other day I hit shuffle on my iPod and let the mix occur, and with a slight breeze touching my face, I ran along and heard these lyrics as reminders to sing in the key of love.

There are … different faces, different names

One true emotion that reminds me we’re the same

From the laughter of a child to the tears of a grown man

A thread that runs right through us and helps us understand

Let’s talk about love, it’s all we’re needing.

Let’s talk about us, the air we’re breathing

Let’s talk about life, I want to know you

Let’s talk about trust, I want to show you

Let’s talk about love*

This week whether you are hiring or firing, giving or receiving feedback, saying yes or no, talking to your boss or children let love be the essence, and truth be the backbone of your conversations. Speak kind words, and leave each other whole. You never know when you’ll return, and speak with this one again.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

*Let’s Talk About Love—Lyrics by Bryan Adams and Jean Jacques Goldman

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