So Many Decisions

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um-090611-emailBe careful what you decide, you get everything that goes along with it.

How many decisions do you make each day? You’d be surprised at the number.

Research tells us that we make 100’s of decisions each day just about food!

In the first few minutes of the day I made decisions about:

  • Getting out of bed (I did sleep in as planned)
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Having a cup of coffee
  • Making a list of people I had to call
  • Writing
  • Changing out of my pajamas
  • Exercising (or not)
  • Reviewing reports
  • Eating Breakfast (or not)
  • Reading my email (or wait knowing that once I start I’m deciding to go through them, and make all the decisions necessary to respond)

That was the first few minutes of a non-working day with no meetings or conference calls. A day to relax, write, and catch-up. All those decisions (relax, write, catch-up) were made in advance of the day!

But then there are the countless choices we make every day to turn right or left, have vanilla or chocolate, say yes or no.

And I find that I often spend more time reflecting on the decisions I’ve made after the fact, rather than consciously choosing to decide based on my own requirements.

Does this sound familiar? If so I have a question for both of us.

Is our decision-making on automatic?

And if so, how do we switch our choosing mechanism from automatic to manual so we actually can weigh in on the decisions we make rather than letting our obsolete programming decide for us? For more on this see, Upgrade Your Thought Factory.

Or maybe we gave up years ago that any decision could be different that would increase our enjoyment of life, or enrich our relationships, or profoundly affect our fulfillment.

It’s often only after a breakdown in health, wealth or happiness that we decide to alter our course. And just as often, as soon as the crisis ends, we’re back on automatic.

Let’s switch from automatic to manual with the decisions we make now, and practice making fulfilling choices in areas that matter.

To enhance the practice of interrupting automatic decisions in the moment of choosing, consider the following:

  1. It takes effort to wake up. Wake up sleepy head, it is effort that wins the game.
  2. It takes attention. It’s attention that brings you present to the moment of choice.
  3. It takes love. It’s love of self and others that brings balance rather than force, choice rather than a have-to.
  4. It doesn’t take any time. Choice is a timeless state.
  5. It doesn’t require any commitment. Commitment may get you started, but it doesn’t sustain you. Fulfillment is what sustains a decision.
  6. It doesn’t require agreement. What you’re deciding is who you are being when observed, and when no one is looking.

Make decisions this week that bring balance and fulfillment. Remember no one is forcing you to make the choices you’re deciding.

Be alert to your choices. If that’s all you do, your decisions will alter without you doing anything.

Awareness itself is the teacher.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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