The Possibility Pause

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um-121313-emailI was running along a path at the beach, and my phone went off nine times in nine minutes. I’m not kidding … calls, texts and emails. This is not an unusual circumstance!

I’ve developed the ability to run and look at my phone at the same time. I answered a call, sent some texts, and even some emails. I had to pause my run for the emails and walk for the texts, but right after picked up my pace refreshed by the moment of rest.

It’s the busiest time of the year for the business I’m in. Would I choose to run or not to run, that was the question. Then I noticed the mental game of “should I or shouldn’t I” that throws a decision to less fulfilling options, and decided fulfillment doesn’t need to be put on hold just because of the holidays.

First, I had to face the less fulfilling options. I could stop exercising. I could cut my run to less time. I could pretend that I’m going to run at the end of the day. I’ve caught myself in that pretense so many times that when I think it, I actually laugh out loud, “Yeah, right!”

Instead I decided to keep running and figure it out.

Right now I’m on call 24/7. It’s an attitude more than a reality. Instead of groaning when I get a call, I notice my joy in how easy it is to connect, solve problems, and keep going.

This morning I continued my run after each interruption, which I didn’t experience as an interruption, because there was no interruption in my fulfillment.

It was strangely weird and wonderful. How often do we tell our selves that we can’t do something because we don’t have the time or we’re afraid we’ll miss something important? I rejoice in knowing the fallacy of that kind of limited thinking. I run, I solve problems; I talk to people who need answers.

What I learned? No resistance is necessary to your life just the way it is.

Instead bring awareness and attention to what’s possible. It’s the practice of taking a “possibility pause.” In that pause you can consider fulfillment before you take a step. You’ll find yourself breathing in the joy of the moment rather than looking back at what you could have done.

Make today a fulfilling day!

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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