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um-010510-email“I am inwardly directed to Right Decisions and outwardly compelled to Right Action.” Ernest Holmes

Dr. Lloyd G. Tupper gave this affirmation to me as I was contemplating this uplifting moment. I chuckled as I thought how that affirmative statement just about sums it up! If we make the right decisions and take the right action, then the urge to accomplish is rewarded by an inward glow of fulfillment and an outward manifestation of achievement.

Since this is the time of year we often set new goals, I thought it would be prudent to think about what the word “right” means in the context of decisions and action.

Right has many definitions:

  • Justification (I’m right!)
  • True as a fact (It’s right!)
  • Political (We’re right!)
  • Direction (Go right!)
  • Agreement (You’re right!)
  • Right sizing (You’re fired!)

No, none of the above is what I mean by right decisions and right action … let’s look at a more esoteric meaning.

Rightness is the innate ability to know that what you’re deciding and doing is correct, on course, and in alignment with your purpose. It’s an internal sense of uprightness. It’s not forced, it’s just … right. You don’t look back and second guess yourself, or get buyer’s remorse, or regrets.

Stop and ask yourself if you’re still content with any major decisions you’ve made. If the answer is no, how did you make the decision?

Rightness doesn’t mean static or unchanging, it means made with the right intention, and approach. Rightness answers the question why, to what end, am I making this decision and taking this action.

I never regret decisions and actions I take to help others. The intention and approach are both honorable and worthy, deserving effort and attention. If all of your decisions and actions meet this criteria whether inner directed in the areas of your health, wealth, and happiness; or outward directed to help others, then you are making right decisions and taking right action.

This is the basis for setting all my goals this year. Are they honorable and worthy, deserving my effort and attention.

So here’s the practice.

1) Make the decision on what you want to achieve and write your goals down in a journal. Affirm that all your goals are honorable and worthy, deserving your effort and attention. This is most important. If nothing else, make right decisions and right action will follow.

2) Reading your goals each morning enhances your practice. If you can, make it a special ritual. I light a candle and then read my goals, and add any clarifications that are revealed.

3) See the purpose of your goals being accomplished each day. Be diligent in the actions you take. Avoid indolence, recognizing that it’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, and instead apply effort in the areas you’re committed to accomplish.

Your effort will build momentum. You will experience the benefits of your labor in results that are measureable. Take continuous action to achieve your goals and keep your eyes open to access what you don’t know, which will bring awareness to both your thoughts and deeds.

As the year progresses, be vigilant and catch weariness before it becomes indifference, especially if some of your goals have been on your list year after year. Stay true to your decisions. You will gain wisdom as well as results.

My love goes with you as you work with the urge to accomplish.

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