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um-112911-emailI saw the Martin Scorsese movie Hugo over the weekend, and there was a line that stayed with me. The young hero of the film said machines have no extra parts. So if the world was a machine, all parts of it, you and me included, have a use, a work to do.

So I thought, if every part has a use, you just have to find out what makes you useful.

I tucked the line away to ponder later, and thought what it would be like to see each one of us like that machine. How we might view our past, our relationships, our dreams, our mistakes, our successes … all part of making us useful, if we use everything.

No part to leave out, no part to add.

Could it be that we’re already wired up just fine. We need only find the key to make us work the way we’ve been designed. In the movie Hugo, the key is heart shaped. Could that be the secret ingredient in finding our use?

During this holiday season take some time to reflect on who you are, and what your “use” is to your family and friends, and to your full expression in the world of work. Which simply said is the area where you contribute your time, intelligence, and passion.

For me feeling useful is a job well done, whether it’s cooking Thanksgiving Turkey, finishing a report, recruiting excellent people, solving problems, listening to my husband read chapters from his latest book, schmoozing with my kids, or arranging flowers. It’s all part of my usefulness.

It’s my work to do what I do with love.

So this week direct the question “What’s that used for?” in an inner inquiry regarding yourself.

You may be surprised what you find, and then a little smile will light up your face as you find that your usefulness is the key to your happiness.

Be your useful self!

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.



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