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um-011811-emailI was inspired recently by Runners World magazine to think about the magic of mantras. I use mantras daily to push through moments of doubt, and at the same time not override what’s important to notice in the moment.

So when I’m running along and think, “that’s enough” before I hit my goal, I’ll run a mental check through my body—ankles, knees, hips, chest, neck—and if all is well, and it usually is, I invoke my magic mantra, “just one more block”. This whole process takes about 30 seconds!

Mantras are a mental slight of hands that brings your focus to what you can do, and distracts your attention from thoughts of giving up short of the goal. When I do a mental check, I’m in essence looking into the source of the message to stop, give up, or fall short of what I said I would do.

When you examine the source, you’re present to determine what is actually taking place while you continue to move forward towards the results you want, versus being stopped by the excuse du jour.

Here’s how mantra magic works. First notice where you stop short of your goal up until now, and recognize it as a coaching moment. In order to do this you have to know what you want.

Now this can be tricky! What you want has to leave no trace of disappointment the next morning. No “why did I” thoughts that give you buyer’s remorse. When you know what you want, you begin to make sacrifices for what matters more than a diversion in the moment.

The magic mantra for temptation: No thank you!

I’ve defined 5 more magic mantras that will help you transform tendencies to stop short into continuous action to achieve what you say you will do.

Letting go of excuses. The magic mantra: Excuses be gone! (Thanks Wayne Dyer!)

Keeping the faith. The magic mantra: One step at a time.

Taking risks. The magic mantra: Be the decision.

Confronting obstacles. The magic mantra: Tell the truth with love.

Starting where you are. The magic mantra: Now is the time.

Finishing what you start. The magic mantra: I can, I will, it’s done.

And of course, a discussion of mantras wouldn’t be complete without adding my favorite … Just Do It! (Thanks Nike)

What are your magic mantras? Make them positive, powerful, and provocative. Invoke them liberally this week.

Here’s the link to the Runners’ World article

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.

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