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First, I want to thank you for coming here today. Your presence adds to our collective intention, and creates a subtle bond that calls up the best in each of us.

My intention for this blog is that it be a forum for discovery; a place to bring awareness to what is important and beneficial, with suggestions on how to put what is discovered into action. The best way I know to enhance discovery is through practice, so I will encourage you to put the theme of each week into practice, and then to notice what you notice. Future posts will address your questions and observations, to help make the experience as interactive as possible. I hope you will report what you notice in the comments area — to deepen your own understanding, and so others can learn from it.

The ambiance generated by the process of discovery is very different from what many of us are used to hearing on talk radio, or seeing on 24 hour news channels. When two opposing views are aired, there is often little interest in one side learning from the other. As I see it, the difference between opinion and discovery can be found in the intent. The purpose of one is to remain closed, while the purpose of the other is to stay open. Discovery ends when you stop exploring, looking, and inquiring. Opinion begins when you stop looking for anything beyond what you have already decided is true.

In What Matters Most, we discussed inquiry as a way to get in touch with what is important to your well-being and fulfillment. If you think of inquiry as a quest, the process of discovery doesn’t end when you find the perfect job, or mate, or any other desired outcome. Nor do you stop when you come to an obstacle you can’t see beyond. The goal is to grow in your awareness, rather than to coalesce around an idea, especially if it becomes an ism for you.

One way to maintain a focus on discovery is to speak about what you are noticing, observing, and learning from your practice. And if someone else’s process is different from yours, stay open to what you can learn from them, without the need to change or fix what they say.

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