What Makes You Tick

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um-091311-emailEveryone runs on his or her own clock.

Some people thrive in the morning and others are night owls. Some wouldn’t miss breakfast, and others just say, ugh! Some head out the door to run, hike, walk, hit the gym or do yoga. And some hit their smart phone or computer. And then there are those who just hit the snooze button.

Whatever your favorite way of being, do you have anyone in your life—friends, spouse, lover who say to you, “Come on, just do X, it will be good for you, you’ll love it.”

Fill in the X with anything from trying different foods, ways of exercising, volunteering for projects, to attending spiritual gatherings.

And then the unavoidable moment comes. Instead of even being a tiny bit interested, you’re moaning and groaning, going along, resisting, or wondering why they just don’t get what makes you tick!

Here’s the gettable! They are giving you a gift. The gift of letting you in on what makes them tick.

And if you’re not interested, I’ll predict that the relationship won’t last to evolve from attraction into the mystery of love.

Has anyone ever said yes to do what makes you tick just to understand it?

My husband is a yogi. I’m a runner. I got him to run a half-marathon race with me, and when it was done, he swore he would never do it again. Then he ran one more just to be sure! But he loves that I run, and I love that he does yoga. I’ll go to yoga class from time to time with him, and marvel at the flexibility and grace in the room … the energy and balance.

And the next day, I head out the door for the peace and quiet, the moment alone, to savor what makes me tick. I go for a run.

So do what makes you tick, and love the person who is coaxing you to “just try” what they love. Take a moment to appreciate knowing what makes them tick. You’ll have a shared experience, a lot of laughs, and some deep conversations.

In the beginning love is a lot of curiosity about each other. Stay curious.

Love doesn’t seek to dominate it seeks to appreciate. Stay appreciative.

Love doesn’t get in anyone’s way, unless they’re falling. Stay attentive.

What makes you tick doesn’t stop someone else from expressing how he or she ticks. It’s what makes the clock go round. Tick tock goes the clock if you keep the battery charged with love.

My love goes with you as you work with this Uplifting Moment.


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