Greetings from Michael Davis and Paulette Sun Davis 

MP-Facebook-300x229This site is called One-Now, a phrase that expresses the core of our insights and realizations in the wild, wonderful journey we have traveled together for the past 35 years. One, is a declaration of connection to the beautiful weaving of life in all its manifestations. Now, is the pathless path of presence. 

We want to share what we’ve experienced through words, images, and songs because the joy of discovery is deepened when given to others.
Here you will find Paulette’s inspirational Uplifting Moments, Michael’s music and meditations, and occasional videos of our conversations on awareness and awakening. We hope you enjoy your time here. We think of it as an oasis for peace and tranquility. We hope you do as well, and if you do, please sign up for future emails.
In peace and love,
Michael and Paulette

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