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The Third Possibility: THE POWER TO INQUIRE

By Paulette Sun Davis

This is a practice in staying open-minded even in difficult conversations. It’s a practice that will stretch your thinking and strengthen your relationships beyond current boundaries and limitations. While reading this practice, think about conversations that are difficult for you, and discover what you can do to create a third possibility and a true exchange of ideas.

Creating the “third possibility” relies on the power to inquire. What is the power to inquire? Let me break it down. read more

Dr. Lloyd George Tupper

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conv-detail-lloyd-1This conversation is about 28 minutes – Enjoy!

Lloyd’s story is truly a rags to riches one. After his father’s suicide at age 12 he became the man of the house, taking jobs to help support his family. While still in his twenties he met Ray Kroc who was just starting his fast food empire and Lloyd located and bought properties for each new McDonalds that was added to the chain. He took what he learned and started a tree farm that specialized in a tree well suited for dry, desert climates and he sold millions of them to countries throughout the Middle East. Probably his proudest accomplishments though, and the ones closest to his heart, came about through his ministry. For over 40 years he has taught the teachings of the great mystics of history, blended together with his uniquely affable personality. read more