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by Paulette Sun Davis

This is a practice in listening to feedback. This simple practice will bring your attention to the present so you can listen more effectively.

The Thank You moment was serendipitously created for a senior manager who had trouble listening to feedback, which she often heard as criticism instead of information. Her conditioned response was to argue or defend as if the feedback was an attack on her credibility. She knew the way she listened could block any further advancement on the job and was impacting some of her relationships as well. She realized that she was actually training her associates not to give her feedback because of her reactive style. She had a sincere desire to listen differently and understood she needed to change how she viewed feedback. read more

Kevin Knepper

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conv-detail-KevinThis conversation is about 22 minutes – Enjoy!

Kevin Knepper has a distinguished career in finance. His acumen in business has taken him to the top of numerous companies, but he brings other qualities that make his story worth listening to. Recently he moved his family from the fast-paced lifestyle he had grown tired of, to the dream of living closer to nature. Listen to him tell of the struggles and victories of following a dream and a life worth living. read more