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um-072710-emailEvery once in a while I read something that rings an inner bell, and I can actually feel a surge of strength. I had two such encounters recently that both came in the form of advertisements! I didn’t have to use the products to know the wisdom in both statements. Here’s the first one.

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.” Gatorade Ad

I love the simplicity of that statement. It’s a choice to continue or give up. It’s a way of approaching life that gives you power to deal with whatever shows up including both opportunities and obstacles.

I work with some people who would never throw in the towel. They roll up their sleeves, focus, and have the creative bursts that allow new energy into their performance. Giving up is not part of who they are. They achieve their goals and then wipe the sweat off of their faces. They also hand out the towels so others can do the same! read more


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um-072010-emailMy friend Charmain sent me the picture that accompanies this Uplifting Moment. I was mesmerized by the radiance of blissfulness I experienced in looking at the expression shining out of the eyes of her son, Lucas.

If someone took your picture doing what you love to do, would they capture your bliss?

It’s been a year since I started writing these Uplifting Moments, and on this anniversary I realized that the year would have gone by whether I wrote or not! Maybe you’ve had those reflective moments as well, when you stand back and ask yourself how you’ve spent your time. And perhaps you notice that time has gone by and you didn’t get to what matters most. read more


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um-071310-emailAre obstacles ever convenient? They come at the wrong time, when you’re unprepared to deal with them, and the resounding sense that if you had just a little more time everything would work out just fine.

But the clock keeps ticking, and time spent wondering why you weren’t prepared doesn’t do anything to help you face the obstacle and deal with it now. You can always wonder why later, and stay focused on what needs to be done.

My son Michael, now an executive with a media company, was 18 when he told me, when you’re in the dark do something, it will give you feedback you need to move towards the light. As you move, you may bump into a wall, but if you pay attention and move slowly with awareness, you gain information that you can use to achieve your goals. And you just don’t sit in the dark, waiting. read more


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um-070610-emailRecently a business owner asked me how to resolve a conflict with an employee who would not take any direction. He was at his wits end trying different approaches, and concluded that the person had authority issues and wanted control. What I said in response was, “Why don’t you ask him how you can give him both ownership and direction.” He immediately stopped being irritated, and saw the power in the question to open up a conversation that needed to happen.

No problem is too big that you can’t whittle it down to size and ask a question that allows you to see something new.

Whenever you’re stuck, take the time to mull over a well-aimed question so you can expand your mind until it wraps around the answer.

This approach never fails me. I’m always glad I took “mulling” time. It gives my creative juices time to consider possibilities that my logical mind may not have access to in the middle of: read more