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um-012411-emailEvery time I drive into Los Angeles I’m flooded with memories, having lived there the first half of my life.

Some are pleasant.
Some are painful.

Memories are like that. It’s like looking at an old photo album when you decide to digitize it. You digitize it so you don’t have to carry around the physical holder of all those snapshots. And some, you probably delete, so you don’t have to look at them again!

However in the case of memories, you are the physical holder of all those life size images. You can’t digitize that! But maybe you can “digitize” memories, in a way, by contextualizing the images into: read more


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um-011811-emailI was inspired recently by Runners World magazine to think about the magic of mantras. I use mantras daily to push through moments of doubt, and at the same time not override what’s important to notice in the moment.

So when I’m running along and think, “that’s enough” before I hit my goal, I’ll run a mental check through my body—ankles, knees, hips, chest, neck—and if all is well, and it usually is, I invoke my magic mantra, “just one more block”. This whole process takes about 30 seconds!

Mantras are a mental slight of hands that brings your focus to what you can do, and distracts your attention from thoughts of giving up short of the goal. When I do a mental check, I’m in essence looking into the source of the message to stop, give up, or fall short of what I said I would do. read more


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um-011111-emailRemove The Over Conditions In Your Life And Find Balance!

I had a conversation recently with my husband, when in the midst of a philosophical musing about living a balanced life, he said, “It isn’t time management we need; it is awareness management.” The idea had a quieting effect on my mind as I considered how I’m managing my awareness versus how I’m managing my time!

Wherever you are out of balance, you can safely bet that you’re not managing your awareness! Can you ever be in balance? Yes. You replace what I’m calling the conditions in your life with awareness. Awareness itself is the teacher. read more


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um-010411-emailHappy New Year!

A declaration is a proclamation dealing with a matter of great importance. These are my top 10 declarations for 2011.

What do you declare?

1. Do no harm. Not to yourself or others. Do your words and actions pass the highest good test? If not, don’t speak or take action. You’ll know that you pass the highest good test if what you’re about to say or do, moves you and others forward in their lives. read more