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um-042611-email“Decide To Lead” was my magical mantra last week. The unintended consequence of this mantra was setting the leader free in my inner world, and noticing that in some areas I was leading by excuses rather than leading by example!

Is it easier to decide to lead in your outer world: job, conversations, or with other people, and harder when it comes to your inner world of what matters most? This is the question I got back from my readers last week who stopped and asked, “What happens that I don’t make a decision that’s for my highest good, but let my EXCUSES lead the way?”

These are the four common excuses I heard last week: read more


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um-041911-emailCan you lead?

Leadership doesn’t mean that you’re the boss. It means you can have a conversation from strength, be questioned about motives and intention, and without a doubt know that the buck stops with you.

Leaders cultivate authority by being the example of straightforward conversations, and thinking through the consequences of the actions they take. They are courageous and compassionate, courageous enough to speak the truth, and compassionate enough to listen to feedback and the opinions of others. read more


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um-041211-emailHave you ever hired someone, and then puzzled over what you saw in him or her in the first place?

And then you fired them, and wondered what took you so long?

I hope you’re not thinking of your husband, wife, or partner! The truth is so obvious after the fact. How can you interrupt a failure cycle sooner or avoid the failure in the first place?

Here are the eight rules I use to move from failure to success in relationships and goals.

1. The Rule Of Correlation. When someone has annoying habits, don’t overlook them. How they communicate now is connected to how they’re going to communicate later. If they blow up over incidental details that’s how they’re going to be with any change no matter how small. OK I know you really need someone. Wait and find the right one. No desperate hires or relationships! read more


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um-040511-emailIf you’ve ever been disappointed, you’re not alone!

I haven’t found anyone yet who hasn’t experienced disappointment from time to time. And it feels like a fall … a fall from success, grace, or ease in living your life. All you have to do is not live up to your expectations to know disappointment intimately.

Then there are the times when you’re going merrily along, and someone else doesn’t live up to your expectations! They say the wrong thing to an important customer, they decide not to fulfill a promise, they don’t finish what they said they would do, or they give you feedback as if you were completely ignorant. read more