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um-062811-emailThis Week’s Uplifting Moment Is Relax Your Mind

What do people tell you when they’re taking your picture? Just act natural!

Last week I was teaching our Communication Styles Analysis to a group of Rowdy Ridge camp counselors in Lake Arrowhead. They were getting ready to launch a series of camps for families.

They were eager and ready to learn how to improve their communication.

It was when we were doing a final process on letting go of attachment that my big lesson of the day appeared. read more


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um-062111Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with VC’s, welcomed into our business lives because of the money they could offer for growth. The first lesson I learned was the honeymoon was short.

If you read the fine print of any agreement, you’ll find information so you are clear and know what you’re signing. But it’s also important to know what doesn’t come with any agreement or offer of money. You won’t find the following information in agreements, fine print or bold print. However, it might cause you to look a gift horse in the mouth, and be clear about what you get and what you don’t get. read more


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um-061411-emailMy 40 something son called to wish me a happy birthday. I jokingly said I’m getting old! And he said, “Mom, I’m getting old, you’re getting ancient!”

He later amended that to ancient like antique, getting more valuable every day.

LOL. It cracked me up.

Maybe I am an antique. It is true that I observe the same old cycles that people go through, as the years advance.

Do you:

  1. Question why you’re doing what you’re doing
  2. Think about making a drastic change
  3. Wonder if fulfillment is possible
  4. Endure the status quo until conditions change
  5. Engage in “if only” conversations

If I’ve learned anything, in my ancient state, it’s to bring more awareness into our lives each day.

What can you pay attention to?

Your state of well-being!

If you’re not happy, then something is missing that is important to you. read more


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What are you in control of?

I’ve often asked you to distinguish what’s inside of your control from what’s outside of your control.

What if control itself was an illusion? Control is defined as the power to influence outcomes or take charge of:

  1. Your behavior (emotions, diet, spending)
  2. Other people’s behavior (employees, children, relationships)
  3. Your goals (results, reputation, advancement)

When life feels chaotic, I set goals and quickly notice that my sense of control increases, and any sense of disturbance quiets down, unless the goal continues to be elusive. Then that sense of chaos comes knocking at my door again. read more