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Regret Nothing

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um-083011-emailRegret starts with statements like, “If only …”.

Well-wishers will tell you that you wouldn’t be who you are today unless exactly what happened happened.

Well I’m not too sure about that!

Perhaps the truth is closer to you couldn’t have done anything different from what you did. As soon as the choice was made, you can’t pretend that you could have chosen something else.

Life is like a horse race; you can’t go back to the window, and tell the bookie you actually wanted to bet on a different horse! read more

Hug Break!

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um-082311-emailThou shall take hug breaks, should be the 12th commandment, right after the 11th commandment, There shall be breakdowns!

Imagine you’re in the middle of a huge confrontation and someone yells out HUG BREAK, and the action stops, and everyone hugs.

You can stop laughing now. It works.

Early in my marriage, during an argument with my husband, he looked at me and said, hug break. It made me laugh and ended in a warm embrace that allowed us to look at what we were arguing about in a different way. The content of the argument could be and was (whatever it was … who remembers?) resolved. read more

Learn To Be Present

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um-081711-emailIt seems that it would be impossible to be anything but present.

However, we have an amazing capacity to be distracted.

When you bring your full focus to whatever is happening now, a phone call, an interruption, an email, a report, or a child’s question; you stop being distracted and are present to be with the child, and answer the question. Or finish the report, deal with the interruption, or listen to a conversation without answering email at the same time. read more

Decide To Play

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um-080911-emailHave you ever been aggravated because your mate won’t make a decision? How about your boss or a co-worker?

And no matter how much you prod and poke they want you to make the decision. Or maybe you are the one that hesitates on deciding.

There is power in deciding because it moves you from inaction to action.

Why hesitate? Well, perhaps you’ll have more information when you wait. So where is the balance?

In life, not everything goes right or wrong immediately; you have to stay focused so you can watch the trajectory of your decision to make sure it lands you, and everyone else involved, where you want to go. read more


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um-080211-emailI fell off a curb.

Done in by 6 inches of concrete.

On the ground surrounded by emergency workers I wondered what happened. A split second before, I was walking briskly towards a trash can to deposit refuse from my car, before I went for a run along a beach path that is both familiar and routine.

I didn’t trip or fall gracefully. It was blunt, head smacking, bruised ribs, and ankle fracturing! A momentary lapse of awareness, and the ER Dr. said, “No running for 6 weeks.” read more