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To Plan Or Not To Plan

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um-122711-emailEvery day is filled with decisions.

Little ones and big ones.

Decisions that can change a life.

Usually around this time of year I’m making my new year’s plan about what to complete, forget about, or begin.

But this year I have the absence of plans. Oh, there are still things on my proverbial plate, but it’s different. Instead of filling the plate up with plans, I’m emptying the plate.

You might ask what I need an empty plate for. read more

Love Lasts

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um-122011-emailWalking on the beach this weekend, my husband, Michael, looked at how the ocean gradually wore away the cliffs, and said it reminded him of how impermanent life is.

It’s easy to see impermanence in nature, the way the sand shifts with every tide, and how the water reflects the changes in the sky.

It’s more challenging to see impermanence in our self.

We often see our life through the lens of a permanent “me” traveling through time, and that same “me” sometimes acts as if change (the active ingredient in impermanence) is something to be feared, or put off until later. read more

Looking In

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um_121311_emailThis is a guest post from Michael Davis

Do you ever judge what another person says, and then realize you say the same thing yourself?

This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. In fact, I’ve turned it into an awareness practice. Not every time mind you, but when I’m awake enough to notice, I often see a correlation between what I judge “out there” and what I do, or judge within myself.

Psychology has a handy name for this. It’s called projection, and it comes into play when a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, by projecting them on the outside world, usually on other people. The temporary effect is a reduction of anxiety. Why? Because it’s a relief to think that the cause of your woes come from somewhere else. read more

Knock. Knock.

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um_120611_emailYou know the experience of trying to remember something and it just won’t come! Then you let go and it pops into your mind out of nowhere.

I decided to reread Michael’s guest post on Unlocking The Creator Mind when a new idea was knocking at my door, but I just couldn’t access it. Something wanted to be born, and all I could say were the lyrics of a song, “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in! Come back another day and try again.”

The “knocking” and not knowing unsettled me, until I read step #5 of his post. read more