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Soften Your Opinions

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um-022812-emailDoes anyone ever ask you to tell him or her the truth? They tell you to:

Be direct

Be a strait shooter

Don’t hold back

But are you telling the truth or giving an opinion?

It happened slowly and over time for me to realize that my opinions are not the truth. And it’s taken me a lifetime to soften my opinions. My opinions are simply what I’ve decided so far.

And when someone challenges my opinion instead of arguing, I’ve trained myself to listen.

Sometimes I have to remember that I’m not on the Fox channel as the opposing opinion, pointing out the errors in others’ thinking, but someone who sees thought as action, asking questions to uncover original or creative thought to discover what can change in order to have a fulfilling life. read more

Don’t Speak

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um-022112-emailHow often do you get to undo something before you do it? In my case, not often enough.

This week I drafted an email and was about to hit send when a soft voice whispered in my ear. “Don’t hit send out of frustration.”

And I hesitated ever so slightly with the arrow hovering in place. Instead of clicking send, I got up and decided to go for a walk. When I returned I kept the email safely in my draft mailbox, and didn’t send that day.

The next morning when I awakened, my peace of mind was restored. read more

Let Love Be Your Valentine

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um-021412-emailI remember my early years at grammar school on Valentine’s Day we would get big bags of valentine’s cards, and give one to everyone in our class. No one was left out of the gift of a valentine message

No matter how flimsy the little cards were constructed or how cheesy the messages were, the memory still brings a smile and a delicious sense of how a simple exchange could last across the years.

What if today we made that our practice?

It’s as simple as giving everyone in your schoolroom of life a valentine today. You can still buy the big bags of valentine cards or you can just give:

A valentine of your smile read more

Be At Peace

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um-020712-emailGuest post by Michael Davis

I had an experience this week that was both remarkable and rare, at least for me.

I was at peace.

I was driving around the town where I live, a place I have grown to love as if it were another member of my family, my window was down and the bright sun was shining on my arm, and I thought to myself, that I had nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve, no unmet dragons to slay or damsels to save, and for that moment and several moments after, I was at peace. read more