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Let Overwhelm Teach You, Not Stop You

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um-052212-emailSaturdays are hike days with my husband. Last Saturday our son joined us.

As I walked along the conversation between the two of them drifted across the airwaves like background music … soft and part of my steps forward up the hill.

I was more focused on breathing in and out until something my son said stopped me.

“I’m not getting overwhelmed with what is, I just keep moving in the direction I want to go, even if it’s slow going.”

Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed with decisions, duties, and what needs to get done I thought this was wise counsel. read more

3 Things I Learned To Make The Impossible Possible

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um-052912-emailI watched a new product take shape over the last week. We were ready with the equipment, packaging, and preliminary design.

It was obvious the time line was short. No wiggle room if any time line broke down. And no one wasted any time complaining about the “ticking clock!”

All of us focused our energy on making it happen. And we did this in the midst of keeping all our other balls in the air.

It was beautiful to behold. As I sat back and reflected on what happened, I realized what’s usually impossible is time!

I learned 3 things. read more

The Power Of Words

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um-051512-emailI finished reading a book called The Shoemaker’s Wife, and as sometimes happens in reading a work of fiction a phrase jumps off the page that strikes me as words of wisdom to contemplate.

I write it down because if I don’t I only remember that I read something interesting, but I won’t remember the exact phrase that got me thinking! Then I have to go back and find it, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack of words.

Good fiction reads like the truth. It transports you to the world it describes. When I read the following words, I stopped and reflected on the truth it revealed. read more


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um-050812-emailI was half listening to an interview on one of my drives home from Los Angeles. The endless Pacific Ocean framed by the windows of my speeding car rolled in and out with waves and surfers.

The grandson of Alexander Calder was being interviewed since there was an exhibit coming to town showing his grandfather’s famous mobile sculptures.

I started listening with more attention when he spoke of what was important about this work.

To really see them was to experience the space around them.

The interview ended, and my mind drifted off on the word space. No concept to attach to, but an inner knowing that it’s the space between the notes that makes music. read more

The Happy Habit

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um-050112-emailI often get asked the question why am I always so happy!

This question can come from strangers or friends.

I usually smile and reflect on what I appreciate about my life. But on one occasion I simply said, “I choose to be happy.”

That answer stopped the conversation, and my friend nodded his head and laughed. He said that’s a worthwhile habit to have!

So I thought about it.

Could happiness be a habit?

A habit is after all a way of practicing. It can be an acquired behavior regularly followed, or it can be a prevailing characteristic or quality. For me it’s a little bit of both, but clearly an approach I use to respond to what happens in life everyday. read more