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How To Avoid Cleaning Up

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um-10.24.12-emailAt last someone is going to tell you that you don’t have to clean up! Finally the secret is out.

Drum roll please!

You avoid cleaning up by not making a mess in the first place.

I could just say that life is messy, and so of course you’ll have to clean up as you go. But there are some messes that you could avoid and save yourself hours of clean up.

Any immediately come to mind?

There are three areas where the “messes” show up for me, and probably you too!

  1. Physical Space
  2. Conversations
  3. Incompletions

My physical space is sacred. I can work with papers all around me, but at the end of the day I’m not cleaning, instead I’m reordering my space so when I walk in the next morning it’s waiting for me fresh and ready. read more