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8 Ways To Stop Waiting For Happiness

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um-123112-emailIt’s startling how many people wait for happiness as if it’s going to come in the door once everything is perfect!

Thinking happiness will happen when all conditions are met is an outside in approach. Think about it. Outside in means you have to wait to be happy. Outside in means happiness is capricious and random where you are at the whim of circumstances in your life.

Now I know it’s easier to be happy when all is working according to your expectations of how life should be. But hold on … you may already notice that your expectations sometimes just don’t match reality. read more

Calling All Angels

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um-122212-emailWelcome to the first day, after the last day on earth. For some who believe in prophesies, or better yet interpretations of prophesies, yesterday may have been the day they gave away their car to the next stranger who walked by, because they believed they wouldn’t be needing it.

At work yesterday several people noted cheerfully that we’re all still here! On my drive back to Santa Barbara last night, the news reported that some experts are saying the date was wrong. The newscaster said some say it could be Sunday and others put the date sometime next year.

Fact or fiction?

I have to confess I love reading fiction. Great storytelling gives me a way of looking at life from a new angle. read more