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Is Fear Underrated?

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um-090313-emailI went to a party! Squeezed it into my busy schedule. Drove 2 hours to get back to Santa Barbara to attend on a Monday night. I knew 2 people besides my husband, and got to meet 8 more. It was fun, light-hearted, and a celebration.

Then something different happened.

A young man asked a question at the sit down dinner around a large table that accommodated all 12 of us comfortably. It was sometime between the salad and the next course, when he asked, “What was your greatest fear, and how did you overcome it?”

Everyone shared their stories and we learned more about each other as a result. My initial hit was I’m not afraid of anything. But maybe that was the wine talking. What was more interesting to me was what happened the next morning on my commute back to Los Angeles. I thought about the question, and I received a new insight. Fear is underrated. read more